Child Care

We understand that your child needs the best that education can offer. We ensure this by providing truly personal care, so that your child keeps learning new things with a broad smile on his face, all day long.

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Healthy Meals

Good nutrition makes great minds. We truly believe in providing our students with food which is both delicious to taste, and filled with essential vitamins, calcium and positive minerals, making them healthier by the day.

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Active Learning

At Wings, we believe in providing a coherent growth program to our every student, with our specially designed play group curriculums, cognitive skill set development and of course, art and culture enhancement.

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Welcome to
Wings Playschool

Wings Play & Art School, founded in Guntur, comes forward with a vision to provide an environment filled with love and joy, which stimulates learning in every moment. We stand to cater the best inclusive education in the preschool education sector. Extending on our thoughts here, we at Wings Play & Art School, believe in preserving the curiosity of bright minds, and cultivating a thought process which will ensure that your child grows up to meet success in every step of life.

Our play group programs set up apart from other similar play schools. We understand the significance of thought formulation in a preschool age, and tend to it, by chalking out curriculum which tend to the physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth of the child. We also ensure that the curriculum is efficiently upgraded every year, so that the learning is as effective and relevant as possible. We do this by keeping a close watch on the new developments in the concerned education sector, and imbibing these changes in our offerings.

More About Us

Our Curriculum

A Holistic Approach For An All Round Development.

Foreign Languages

Converse. Learn. Knowledge. We believe in providing perfect skills in world wide communications.

Music Programs

Getting the right chord is serious fun for us, as we explore all the musical notes together here.

Dance Class

Learn. Perfect. Improvise. Expertise. Bringing All the Goodness Of Life In One Simple Undertaking.

Art Classes

Paint the world in every hue, Write the next epic adventure. Expanding minds right now right here.

Sports Programs

Take pride and play fair. We impart the spirit of sportsmen in your child as an essence of learning.

Gifted & Talented Program

All the world's a stage when you have the right tools for it. Come and explore the opportunities.

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